Fitting Celebration of National Lawn Care Month

Lawn and gardening enthusiasts dubbed April The National Lawn Care Month when people should think about the importance of lawns and landscapes. They should think about the fact that gardening will lead to a significant increase in the value of the property. They should also think about the stress relieving and therapeutic benefits. This is the month when communities, organizations, and individuals celebrate anything and everything gardening and lawns. To commemorate, one should do something contribute both to one’s own lawn and to the general community greenery aesthetic. Below are a few activities one could plan for the month.

How about a group activity?

Group activities are always great for mingling and socializing. They bring the people together. With the hustle and bustle of life, people rarely get to meet their neighbors anymore. The benefit is twofold when the people are brought together for a town beautification exercise. It could be anything from planting flowers to pruning and mowing the park shrubbery.

Giving the town good landscaping is spreading the benefits of a good lawns to everyone even those who live in apartment buildings with no access to a patch of dirt on which they can garden.

Lend a Hand

Members of the community are not all capable. Some are disabled and cannot afford to hire someone to work on the yard. Others are elderly. Others are single moms with many many children and barely ever notice an overgrown lawn between pickups, drop offs, vomit and all the chaos. These people might appreciate a hand. They might appreciate having a nice lawn to look at and bask in.

One could organize a day where pre-identified candidates will be visited and accorded the gift of a beautifully cared for lawn. Remember to let them know beforehand. People are different and some might take offense despite the pure intentions.

Involve the Children

Children are the future. They should be allowed participation in this auspicious month. One could organize a day for the children to go around in a group working in the park or taking part in the above activities. The children could be included in the adult activities but then there is need for tight supervision. Thus, the need for a specialized day for just the children where the main purpose for adult presence will be childcare. On that day, the children could learn simple gardening techniques to grow flowers or even just ground cover grass.

The purpose of this activity is to ensure the tradition of National Lawn Care Month is passed on to generations. The future generations have to understand importance before they can willingly and wholly participate. Only then are they bound t pass along the wisdom.

Learn Something

Lawn care is an extensive area of gardening. There is a lot one can do for a beautiful and well-maintained lawn and landscape. As a personal means of commemoration, you can take a class or try out a new technique. Something that will bring added value to the lawn. Something you can carry through. An addition to skills kind of thing.

In the same respect, one could organize gardening and lawn care classes at the community center or even local schools. Impart the knowledge you have to someone with the hope that they will use it for themselves and pass it on. Teaching someone how to create something so beautiful and therapeutic is invaluable and profound.


Life always has an idea to take one away from home. There is always a new deal to think about or a new restaurant to check out. Most people rarely take time to just sit on their lawn in silence and just enjoy the clean fresh air. This month, try doing it at least once every week. Sit out there, no earphones or book. You can have a drink. Just enjoy. Be one with nature. Feel the healing flow through you. It could be the beginning of learning to enjoy your lawn. It is not just there to look pretty, you know.

The National Lawn Care Month is an endeavor by the National Association of Landscaping Professionals and other related organizations. It is meant to build awareness of lawn care and get people excited about all things lawn care.


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