Are Air Conditioners Electricity Free?

Maybe clients of Onda Electric are often asking them if air conditioners are electricity free. Sweltering in the heat of summer days is uncomfortable especially for those without any type of air conditioning in their home. The cost of installing central air conditioning can be prohibitive so many homeowners will decide on a window A/C unit instead. Doing their research on the cost of electricity to run one or more simply because they are concerned with the amount of electricity is a good idea. The good news here is that a  single window unit costs less than ⅓ what it takes to use central air conditioning for the same amount of time, any more than one and the costs  quickly skyrocket. For small spaces window units make sense however if you want to cool more spaces or live in a large home central air is the way to go.

The next thing that might be a concern is whether your present electrical system can handle a central air conditioning unit. More powerful than most other household appliances they use 125 to 220 volts so your electrical panel may need an upgrade or a panel update to install one. Window units can be plugged into any outlet so don’t require as much electricity or needless upgrades.

Another option is ductless or a mini split which is more expensive than a window unit but much more powerful. On the plus side they are more energy efficient than a central air unit and have the ability to cool a larger area than a window unit. With a mini split the thermostat and air vent are inside the room it’s cooling, the cooling fans are outside. Equipped with features like timers and programmable settings for when you’re not home they help you save money on your energy costs.

To summarize a window unit will cost less to run than a mini split or central A/C unit but may not perform to your expectations. The energy efficient mini split is a great choice and will save you money even with installation costs and can cool larger areas. If you decide to go with a central A/C unit there are a few ways to keep operating costs lower, installing a smart thermometer is one. The way it works is by tracking your energy usage it alerts you and make suggestions to save you money on your energy bills. Even lowering the temperature a few degrees can translate into savings on energy costs. If you choose a ductless or central A/C unit consider a programmable thermostat for even more savings. For more information contact an electrician in Victoria BC.