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Home Remedy for Pest Control without Using Harmful Chemicals

One of the problems encountered by households during house parties is that pests such as cockroaches might appear anytime. Although you can easily get rid of these pests by using pesticides, the chemicals coming from the pesticides contain products that are unhealthy especially to your children. Because of the negative side of pesticides, people are already looking for alternative ways to get rid of pests or control them the natural way.

It is a fact that during summer time, ants are just rampant. You can see them on your tables, cabinets, and just anywhere in your home. In order to prevent them from entering your home, you need to locate the ants’ point of entry. Once you discover the spot, all you need to do is to create a barrier by simply spreading citrus oil, coffee grounds, or cayennes pepper all of the area. The reason is that ants will not be able to pass through these items. But if they already infested your home, all you need to do is place cucumber peels, spearmint leaves or garlic cloves in the cabinets. These products are actually ant repellant and they chase them out your home. After you have isolated the inside of your home, it will be difficult to focus on the outdoor infestation. To manage the outdoor infestation, ant hills’ entrance must be sprinkled with cornmeal so that the ants will eat them and then they will die after a week because they cannot actually digest the cornmeal.

Another pest that can be found in your home and considered to be a repulsive pest is the cockroach and this pest should also have natural pest control remedy. You can use catnip to repel cockroaches by simply placing it in areas where cockroaches or abundant. Another way to eradicate a population of these cockroaches is by simply soaking a bread with beer and have it eaten by these pests since they cannot digest beer and they will just die on their own accord. You can also spray the cockroach with soapy water because soapy water is able to break the exoskeleton of the cockroach causing it to die within minutes.

You can also apply natural pest control with mosquitoes. You need to prevent mosquitoes first by simply maintaining the cleanliness of your area to prevent them from building their habitat such as standing water from the yard or basins. Another form of mosquito repellant is applying to your skin that solution with at least thirty percent eucalyptus because this will prevent mosquitoes from biting.