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A Guide to Assist While Purchasing a Used Car Car users are always torn between replacing the current car with a used car or acquiring a new one. While buying a used car, one will want to save quite a relatively huge amount of money. The value of a new car goes down after been used for one year. The process of selling and buying new vehicles throughout the year leads to exchange of several car ownership. Below is a quick guide to help while purchasing a used car. Decide on what car you want to buy. A prior research on the car models available will guide you in deciding what car to get. Remember to set out a budget for your vehicle so as not to end up spending much money than you had planned for, especially if planning to do a trade over. There are used cars available for sale from various countries, research before importing. You can easily find car sellers near your locality. You can find used cars for sale online via car dealer’s websites or can purchase from friends or family members. Always establish the best dealers while looking out to purchase a used car online. After establishing the best used car dealer, plan to meet and have your mechanic if you are not sure about important details to look out for while buying a used car. Mechanics have a broad knowledge of different cars and their assistance will come in handy during this activity. The first thing to do is to carry out a thorough general inspection of the car. As part of the external inspection, check the boot and the bonnet and note any problems with opening and closing off either of them if any, pay attention to any parts that seems to be recently repaired or polished and check the car engine. If possible, ensure the inspection is done during the day to avoid missing out on any vital information. The next phase will be inspecting the interior of the car where you will be checking parts of the car interior such as steering wheel, interior mirrors, door locks from inside, car mats, the condition of the seats and many more. Ensure everything is in good condition.
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A very important point to note while buying a used car is the mileage that particular car has covered. Mostly, the car dealer will put a tag showing the distance the car has covered before. If the car has been in use for long, the mileage will be higher. Ask about the service history of the car, the way it has been undergoing service and the duration of each service. Many of the used cars have undergone previous repairs, remember to enquire of any past repairs, expected repairs before sale and the cost.
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Once you have identified the car to purchase, next will be taking a test drive in the company of your mechanic to help you establish the real condition of the car. Pay attention to any noise or any loose parts.