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Tips On Choosing Boat Fenders.

They are very important as they act as a barrier protecting its hull from getting into contact with docks and other boats. Buying a new boat is very costly, however, buying fenders may not cost you a lot of money. Many fenders are way much better than just having a few of them. It is vital to be well prepared in the event that there may be weather changes and having extra fenders would help you be safe.
In the occurrence of a hurricane, your boat stands the risk of being destroyed by hitting other boats or being hit by others as well as hitting docks, therefore, boat fenders provides enough protection against such accidents. There are a generous number of boat fenders in the market and this makes it a challenge to choose the best hence one is required to have knowledge on which fenders are genuine and which are not. Below are some of the tips to guide you in choosing the best boat fenders in the market.

It is very important to know the kind of boat you have because there are a variety of boat fenders for different types of boats. The cylindrical double-eye fenders or even sausage fenders are the perfect ones for short light boats. There are the types of boats that are heavy and bigger and they perform well with the round and center-hole fenders. There are also other fenders called specialty fenders which add protection to your boat against pilings. These type of boat fenders may cost you an extra coin but they are better than the cost of repairing your boat.

It is always wise to consider the brand you are buying. There are those brands that are known to make the best fenders. You will find good recommendations from fellow boat owners. If you go online, you will find beneficial information about the best kind of boat fenders to purchase.
Consider also size when purchasing boat fenders. The thing that will determine the size of the boat fender, is the weight and length of your boat. It is a no brainer that you will need bigger fenders for heavier and longer boats while for the lighter shorter ones, you will only need the small fenders. This is obvious because the big fenders can handle more than the smaller fenders. Depending on the anchorage conditions of the docks, you can determine the size of the fender. If conditions are harsh or calm, you can determine the size of fender you should have.

The number of fenders you use and how you position them also determines how well they will work. Having very few fenders will be a disadvantage to your boat because they will not be adequate for protection. Positioning of the fenders is also vital for their success in protecting your boat from piling. They will be easily pushed out of the place when you are docking if you put them too high. If you place them too low, there will be marine growth on them.

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