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Top Tips for Selecting a Phlebotomy Training Program

Nowadays, there are hundreds of phlebotomy training programs and choosing the one that is suitable for you can be quite overwhelming. Below are some guidelines to help you make the right selection of phlebotomy schools.

Before you attend a phlebotomy program, you need to know your goals to determine which program is right for you. Many training programs cover a comprehensive range of phlebotomy courses. Know what your goal is and choose a program that will help you accomplish it.

When choosing a phlebotomy school, it is important to ensure that they have a job placement and an internship program. The school should have strong relations with hospitals and clinics so that they secure you an employment opportunity.

It is important to see if the program has been accredited by a highly recognized accrediting organizations. Accreditation will ensure that you get value for your money by getting high-quality education. A disadvantage of enrolling in an unapproved school is that you will be required to enroll again in a credited institution so that you can sit for your phlebotomy license exam. Also, accreditation will allow you to get financial aids.

You also need to find out if the school’s you are considering has good reputation in the industry. Ask for references from organizations where the school sends its students to their job assistance program. Similarly, you can determine the reputation of a phlebotomy school by screening their online reviews and ratings. Besides, you want a school that has accreditation membership with Better Business Bureau.

Make sure that you pick a program that offers classes at times that is convenient for your schedule. Choosing a program that will fit your lifestyle will ensure that you don’t miss your classes and you will still continue to do your other tasks while attending school. Keep in mind the location of the institution particularly if you want a short commuting distance.

Always take into account the institution prerequisites in order to help you make an informed decision. It is good to know these basics so that you will not be disappointed when your application does not go through.
Look for a school that has reasonable length of training period. The best program will include a 40 hour classroom training and 120 hours of practical training so that you can get hand-on-practice as much as possible.

It is crucial that you pay the school a visit so that you can examine its environment and see if it is in a safe area. Besides, during your visit, you can ask questions regarding the class syllabus and you will be able to talk with other students to get their opinion about the school.

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