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How is Graphic Design Related to Web Design?

The definition of design comes when a solution is created to a problem which had not been solved before.Design skills allow you to design anything from websites, logos and machine components among others.There are a lot of options when it comes to solving different types of problems.You simply have to come up with a solution to the problems you think have not been solved yet.Design helps you to look at the problem’s need, and then with experience and your imagination you should be able to visualize something that can do that.A good design only works best if and only if it is working to solve the problems it was meant for.The result to be achieved can be measurable, functional or even which could be hard to measure such as experience.

Graphic design is, therefore, the creation of visual solutions to problems in communication in the form of 2D, 3D, digitally or even on paper.The solution should be an advantage in the sense that it will provide the solution for a lot of times.Graphic design is known to output things such as logos, advertisements, fashion sketches, animated characters, tattoos among others.Other then the fact that there are a lot of them there is a need to note that these output products are only visual media consumables.

Web design is the ultimate end of the solutions made to web mediums.Visual media consumables is the common point that works in both graphic design and web design on terms of the output. The visual media is just a base to web design anyway.The aspects of web experience is what makes it output superior.

Making choices when it comes to web page contents is also a part of web design too.On the other hand, user experience comes in the sense that these texts could be viewed in the search engine results.The position and the rankings are therefore part of the experience too.The web design can also be said to entail search engine optimization as a part.

There are a lot of skills and disciplines that appear in both web design and graphic design.Website manipulation and navigation has been made easy bearing the fact that both web design and graphic design are all made to better websites.Offering graphic aspects to a web page by a graphic designer does not necessarily make him/her a pro in web design.That said, it is clear that web design is related to graphic design in some ways.

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