How to Trouble Shoot and Repair your Lawn Irrigation Systems

Trusting Thirsty Turf

Without question, my lawn is my greatest source of pride. The time I spend on my riding mower provides a sort of refuge from the stresses of modern life. I have a full acre of land, and I know every inch of my property like the back of my hand. I regularly weed, seed and feed my lawn to make my friends envious. I actually laid the sod myself after I had this home built. This is why I annually spend thousands to keep my yard perfectly manicured, and most of this money is dedicated to my lawn irrigation systems.

Maintaining a Flawless Yard

It takes an astounding amount of water to properly hydrate a lawn of this size. My sprinklers are on an advanced timing system to make sure my grass gets enough water in the summer without getting over-watered in the winter. They’re even programmed to remain off on rainy days. Unfortunately, my advanced lawn sprinkler systems actually worked against me a few weeks ago.

Emergency Lawn Sprinkler Repairs

My lawn irrigation systems can be programmed by computer to operate autonomously. I know their schedule and I mow the lawn when they’re off so not to damage them with the riding mower. Unfortunately, the sprinklers knew to accommodate for daylight savings time when I forgot. A few Sunday ago, I was mowing the lawn when the sprinkler heads emerged from the ground just as I was driving over one. The powerful mower blade quickly reduced the sprinkler head to a gushing geyser of water. My heart began to flutter as I watched water begin to flood my lawn.

I ran to the house and quickly switched off the lawn sprinkler systems before too much damage was done. I’m fairly handy around the house which saves me a lot of money on most repairs. Unfortunately, my lawn sprinkler systems were damaged too badly for a simple DIY project. I had my initial sprinkler system installed by a local company that that told me they would need to replace the entire system when only one of the sprinkler heads was damaged. Rather than pay a four-figure sum for the repairs, I reached out to a few friends who overwhelmingly recommended Thirsty Turf Lawn Sprinklers.

Reliable Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services

The people at Thirsty Turf put my mind at ease and let em know that they frequently see these types of issues. They also quoted me a much lower price for their lawn sprinkler repair services, than the company that actually installed the system. It took just a few hours to complete the lawn sprinkler repairs, and I was very pleased with the results. They even explained how regular lawn sprinkler maintenance can lower my monthly water bill. The broken sprinkler head turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because I began dealing with the best irrigation company in Ontario. I will entrust Thirsty Lawn with all of my future lawn sprinkler maintenance, and I recommend them to anyone who wants a beautiful lawn.