Why Kitchen Fires Happen

When it comes to house fires, it’s been established that the top cause has been from kitchen fires. Kitchen fires in themselves are already considerable trouble, but when you realize that they can burn your entire house down, then it’s important to know how they can happen. It’s best to call emergency restoration professionals in the case of a kitchen gire.

Kitchen fires can be caused by:

  • A frying pan fire – overheated cooking oil which has reached its flash point
  • Overheated coils – in an electric stove, where the temperature has been left on high for too long
  • Burning food in an oven or toaster – be mindful, watch what you’re doing
  • Negligence – fatigue or distraction can cause you to lose focus
  • A gas leak

Knowing these, here are some precautions to take when cooking :

  1. Never leave the kitchen when you’re heating or frying something. Cooking oil can very easily burst into a flash fire that can spread beyond the stove.
  2. In the case of a roast or oven which take time, try to take what you need to do into the kitchen. At the very least, set a timer for, say, 10 minutes at a time so you can check the oven.
  3. Keep children away from the cooking area, enforcing a safe zone so that there is minimal risk of them causing an accident, or an accident injuring them.
  4. Double check your appliances before leaving the house or turning in for the night.
  5. Keep flammables away from sources of heat or flame, e.g. mitts, pot holders, or wooden cooking utensils. Loose long sleeves are best avoided too.

Knowing these things, consider investing in a smoke alarm and/or a fire extinguisher. An accidental fire is something to be taken seriously, and a smoke detector and extinguisher are devices that can be invaluable

Don’t panic if your kitchen catches fire. In such a situation, a cool head will save your bacon.

A pan fire can be extinguished by simply covering the pan. Kill the source of heat, but don’t reach over the hot pan to do so. Be aware that electric coils take a longer time to cool.

If you buy a fire extinguisher, learn how to use it, keeping the PASS (Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, Sweep the nozzle) method in mind. If it comes to the point where you need to use it, be mindful to keep your exit to your rear. If you see that the fire is spreading despite your efforts, don’t be a hero and call Calgary fire damage company.