Termite Control: Liquid Vs Bait

Thousands of people’s homes are damaged every year, often beyond repair. You may think that this is a result of natural damage, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

In fact, approximately $5 billion worth of damage is caused every year to homes by termites!

Why They Cause So Much Damage

Termites eat wood. They do this by secreting enzymes which digest cellulose. You may be aware that cellulose is the main material for wood and plants.

They are not fast eaters. One termite would take approximately 3,144 years to eat the wood in your 1,000 square foot home.

Unfortunately termites live in groups ranging from a few thousand to millions! The moment you spot a termite you need to take action against them.

Using Liquid

Liquid is poured round the edge of your home, as close to the foundations as possible. It is put into the soil but you will need to create a trench round the edge of your foundations.

Any termite trying to cross the barrier will die.

Unfortunately the liquid does not kill the colony; it simply stops them coming and going.

It’s worth noting that it is very effective at killing termites but only when they cross the barrier. Over time the strength of the barrier will diminish and the termites will find a way through.

There are some liquid products which will soak into your foundations. These will kill any termites they come into contact with and can actually soak into the colony.

Of course, you’ll need to know exactly where the colony’s home is in order to target it.

Bait Options

The alternative is to use bait. This can actually serve two purposes:

  1. Look For termites

Bait stations can be placed round the base of your home. Inside the station is a substance which has been shown to be more desirable to termites than wood. This attracts the termites to the bait.

They then take the bait and should die on the way back to the colony.

By regularly checking the bait stations a professional will know if termites are present at your home. If they are action will be needed swiftly.

  1. Kill Termites

The bait does also kill termites. But it is clever in the way that it does it.

The best baits will be consumed by the termite and then they will go back to their colony. Because termites share food and secretions, the poison will be spread round the nest. It is almost certain that the queen will indirectly ingest it during this period.

The bait slowly kills the termites; effectively killing the nest.

Which Is Better?

It is difficult to say which method is better. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Bait boxes are a great way to see if you have a termite issue while the liquid is very effective at killing termites; providing they cross the line.

A professional can give you the best advice for your situation but it might be advisable to adopt both approaches. Termites are a problem you want to get rid of quickly!