How to Remove Mud from Carpet

Soil and mud settling into your carpets is a common concern especially if you have kids and pets, or there’s a snow or rain storm. The dirt can sometimes set on your carpet before you’ve realised the severity of the problem. But don’t fret, you can get rid of these stains with a little patience or hire a carpet cleaning Victoria BC company.

1.         Noticed dirt or mud stains on your carpet? Leave it and let it dry before attempting to remove it. Sometimes, trying to get rid of dirt or mud stain while it is still wet can smear the stain much further on your carpet.

2.         After the stain is completely dry, you can begin the cleaning process. Your first step is to remove the stain as much as you can by using a vacuum cleaner. Take your time in doing this step and remove the stain profoundly.

3.         Bits of soil stain will probably get stuck in the carpet fibres after you vacuum, use something to scrape off the mud to loosen it. You can use a spoon and gently scrape your carpet, but be cautious that you don’t cause any damage. After loosening the stain, vacuum once more. Continue scraping the stain and vacuuming until all of the dried stains are removed.

4.         If you have a light-coloured carpet, a minute amount discolouration may appear. Luckily, this problem can be addressed by using a mixture of laundry detergent (preferably a detergent with built-in stain remover) and water. Before using the mixture, make sure to test it in a small area of the carpet first. If you are using powdered detergent, make sure to mix the solution well until all powder has dissolved. Use a sponge and dip it into the soapy water and mildly dab it into the area with stain until the stain has faded. Let it dry naturally.

5.         You can also use specialist carpet cleaning products, just make sure to read the directions on the label and test the product on a small part of the carpet first.