Victoria BC Spring Plumbing Checklist

Spring is here at long last!  along with longer days and warmer weather. Time to clean up the yard, think about planting that vegetable garden and annuals. On that growing list of things to take care of is your home’s Victoria plumbing inside and out after the colder winter temperatures.


Before you know it the lawn and plants will need watering so checking on your home’s sprinkler system is a must. Inspect the system for leaks especially if you neglected to blow it out before the cooler weather arrived. Remember to check all your sprinkler heads for any damage that may have happened. Cleaning gutters and downspouts and followed by a visual inspection for any damage from rain, wind and snow. Patio drains need to be cleared of leaves or debris deposited there to let water flow freely. If you wrapped pipes or outside faucets to protect them from …

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How To Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

One topic that custom home builders in Victoria BC are being asked about are ways to improve the energy efficiency of their new home. Increasingly clients are seeking clean and green ways that will not only benefit the environment but save them on monthly energy bills. Energy efficient is a broad term so before you meet with your builder let’s clear up any confusion about what the term implies. There are also a few different types of energy efficient homes and having the right information provided in this article will clear up some of the confusion.

Energy Efficient Home Classifications to Know

Energy efficient homes fall into one of the 3 following levels of truly energy efficient homes to be classified that way.

Airtight Homes

When a home is classified as airtight is means there are no draughts to allow air into the home or that let air escape. They …

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