What Clogs Your Drains

One of the most common issues that Nanaimo plumbers find with homeowners is clogged drains or toilets that won’t flush. There is nothing more annoying that a sink that suddenly won’t drain, an overflowing toilet or standing ankle deep in water in the shower. While all of these problems are not completely avoidable there are some measures you can take in to keep drains from clogging up. Here are 4 things you may be doing that are causing your clogged drains.

Coffee Grounds, it makes sense that the very texture of coffee grounds flushed down the kitchen sink drain would keep things running smoothly. The truth is that those grounds act like cement and form an impenetrable barrier in your drain. Instead those grounds should be placed in the garbage, added to the compost pile and make excellent fertilizer when spread around the garden

The next thing that will clog your drains is hair in the drains of the shower or bathtub, even the bathroom sink sometimes. With the whole family washing their hair some of that hair is bound to find its way into the tub and shower drains. Add in some soap scum and other particles and the build up results in a clogged drain. The easy fix is using one of the strainers made just for this purpose, just be sure to clean the strainer regularly.

In the kitchen something that is bound to clog your drain is pouring grease directly into the drain. What happens is this grease forms a sticky mess buildup inside the pipes and eventually your drain will not run freely. Try keeping a jar or can to pour that grease into and be recycled later.

Paper is the enemy of those toilet drains, nothing is meant to be flushed down your toilet except for toilet paper. Toilet tissue is designed to break down when wet unlike other paper products we use on a daily basis. Paper towels, feminine hygiene products even tissue will flush but eventually cause a clog in your toilet drain. Keep in mind it’s better to deposit these items in the trash and recycle as much as possible.

Even if you follow the above suggestions clogged drains are bound to happen and you may be tempted to solve the problem using drano or a caustic drain cleaner. Using these products can actually result in damage to the pipes in your home. Calling a qualified plumbing Victoria contractor to deal with the issue is a better way to protect your pipes, many clients find scheduling regular maintenance is a good preventative measure.