What do you know about a rustic chandelier?

Home improvement or decorating it is – what you are thinking of then hanging a beautiful rustic chandelier may just do the trick. This is the reason why it was said in the past that people with chandeliers at their homes were lucky to be honored with the creative blessings of God.

Today, chandeliers are used to create a mesmerizing advancement and provide a unique style while a party is being thrown out. 

However, you need to remember some tips to make an informed buying decision. Chandeliers not only add value to your home as well as enhance the elegance, appearance, and beauty of the home.

Decorating with rustic chandelier

Whether you’re making, decorating, redesigning, or currently have a cozy rustic-style home, a fantastic addition to space is a rustic chandelier. Coming in a few styles and sizes, this type of chandelier will arrange a general appearance of the space and generate a focal point for all the other decorative items you may want to incorporate.

Chandeliers are imperative in any stylistic layout since because a good light fixture can bring the space together, particularly in the dining room. 

Importantly, if you incorporate a rustic fashioned iron chandelier, the rest of the dining room will gradually turn rustic as well with the addition of a couple of organizing pieces. So, don’t get stuck in the dining room, because this tip goes for the living room and some other room in the home as well.

8 Important tips for buying a rustic chandelier 

Before you pay or make a purchase decision, do ensure that you collect some very important tips. These tips will help you make the right buy choice which would be appreciated by your “entranced eyes” when you place a seat under the rustic chandelier to appreciate it.

  1. Searching for rawhide and leather chandelier lamp shades for your wrought iron chandelier is a perfect way to achieve a brilliant western-feeling design. These combinations very well with wood-based furniture and southwestern accents. It is very common to find these types of fixtures in hunting lodges, western homes, and restaurants where a rustic or western design theme is incorporated. It’s very simple to apply western design into your house just by introducing a rustic chandelier.
  2. Regardless of which design you decide for your rustic themed space, if you pick a good quality rustic chandelier, you are certain to impress your guests. Numerous rustic chandeliers are made by hand, presenting a specific uniqueness that is missing in many commercially produced lighting apparatuses.
  3. If you’ll be able to find chandeliers in rustic designs that don’t use real candles. You would now be able to find candle chandeliers that are fitted with special bulbs that replicate candlelight.
  4.  A perfect choice among homebuyers is a huge wrought iron chandelier with leather chandelier lamp shades. These are positioned above a dining table or the front lobby for that truly rustic feel.
  5. The room, that is selected by you for hanging the rustic chandelier, is not bigger than 10′ by 10′, it will be good for you to go for a chandelier with a diameter of 17′-20′. If the room size is 12′ by 12′, a chandelier with a diameter of 26′-27′ is an amicable option.
  6. On the other hand, a rustic chandelier with a diameter of 24′-36′ is a great choice for room size of 14′ x 14′.
  7. Always remember that the chandelier must be placed at a distance of 30′ from the outside of the table to avoid accidental head bumping. If you like to put the chandelier in the dining room, Flemish chandeliers will do the trick.
  8. A unique rustic chandelier will go for a bedroom or kitchen and a medium-to-large-sized chandelier will go great with living or dining rooms. 

Final thought

Safety is a top priority as any home project. So if you have never worked with electricity, you may consider hiring an electrician for your home lighting project. These tips can help you select the best from a variety of rustic chandeliers.