How Long do Sewer Pumps Last

There are two different types of sewer pumps, the sewerage pump is an ejection type of pump and is part of the internal plumbing of the house. It ejects water and solids from basement plumbing fixtures, maintenance and repairs are done by a licenced plumber. The effluent or “ lift pump “ sits inside a chamber of the septic tank and pumps graywater up to the effluent disposal area of the leach field. The lift pump is the focus of this blog so read below to find out how long it will perform.

How long can you expect your effluent or lift pump to last depends on how well maintained it is. Maintenance is often overlooked and yet with proper maintenance your effluent or lift pump can last a very long time in most cases 10 to 15 years. If your lift pump fails you could experience a septic emergency, it might fail if your elevated leach field is higher than the inlet pipe to the septic tank. This effluent pump is very integral to your septic system, and without a working lift pump sewage can back up into your home’s basement. The effluent or lift pump is equipped with a check valve to prevent this, without it your septic tank would eventually fill and backup. Fortunately the effluent or lift pump is equipped with an alarm, so if you hear the alarm this is an emergency situation and time to give us a call at SP Pumps & Tanks.

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