How to Remove Mud from Carpet

Soil and mud settling into your carpets is a common concern especially if you have kids and pets, or there’s a snow or rain storm. The dirt can sometimes set on your carpet before you’ve realised the severity of the problem. But don’t fret, you can get rid of these stains with a little patience or hire a carpet cleaning Victoria BC company.

1.         Noticed dirt or mud stains on your carpet? Leave it and let it dry before attempting to remove it. Sometimes, trying to get rid of dirt or mud stain while it is still wet can smear the stain much further on your carpet.

2.         After the stain is completely dry, you can begin the cleaning process. Your first step is to remove the stain as much as you can by using a vacuum cleaner. Take your time in doing this step and remove the stain profoundly.…

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Preparing Your Lawn For Spring 2

After having done the the initial steps of preparing the ground around your house, there are a few more steps to take.

Applying fertilizer will help greatly with the growth of your plants. While there plenty of fertilizers available from any garden supply, compost, manure, or green waste will work almost as well. This will save you money as well as be an environmentally-friendly solution.

If you experienced soil compaction and took the steps to remedy this, the recommended action is to overseed this section of lawn. Overseeding is the process of planting grass seeds directly into the areas where compaction has occurred. Note that compaction can occur not just in high traffic paths but in areas that have been frequented by kids during play. Note that overseeding cannot be done after you have just applied weed killers or herbicides.

Not directly related to gardening but beneficial to it is …

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