Seven types of fences – How to choose the one that suits your home

Even if they may seem just elements to ensure privacy and security of the private space, barriers can bring significant aesthetic value when chosen about the house’s architecture and the area in which they are located. Please take into account, however, the material from which it is made and the optimal dimensions about the needs.

This article will give you the details you need to make an informed and inspired decision when choosing wood fencing for your home.

Wooden fence

It is the oldest method of enclosing property, specific to the rustic style. Please think of the gorgeous gates of Maramureş and their walls.

Wood, however, is very versatile and can be suited to the many styles of architecture. It can be lacquered, painted and milled to preserve its natural appearance in a courtyard with shabby chic elements or to hide a modern house.

It is one of the most affordable materials you can buy to make a fence, the price being 50 dollars per square meter. Other options, such as forged iron or concrete, are more expensive both as production and installation. Also, if handled correctly, the wood fences are durable and preserve their appearance for a long time.

However, they do not exceed more than 15 years and are exposed to extreme conditions; excessive cracking may occur.

Wrought iron fence

The wrought-iron fence is wonderful for a modern property, offering elegance and style, at a fairly dense price, though. That would be the main drawback.

Wrought iron is more resistant to rust than ordinary metal because it is an alloy. It is mixed with a material called slag, which is fibrous, providing resistance.

Versatility is another advantage of the wrought iron fence, which can be achieved in many ways. It even fits for a pool fence or balcony, which is excellent to ensure the visual unit within your property.

If you are concerned about the environment, the wrought iron fence is an excellent choice. Wrought iron fences are rarely replaced because they are durable and easy to repair; You can also recycle wrought iron. You can sell it as scrap iron at a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can sell the fence of antique shops and collectors, as there is a high demand for fences and wrought iron gates among these professionals.

Concrete or brick fence

Masonry or concrete barricades may seem claustrophobic for some owners but are suitable for those who want to take significant steps to protect privacy and safety. An alternative would be alternating with metal fences or wrought iron.

The fences are molded in a solid form and therefore will not rot, but will be resistant to mushrooms and mold and will also withstand the extreme weather conditions. This makes precast concrete sustainable and cost-effective.

The cost may, however, represent a disadvantage, reaching 60 dollars per billboard. Moreover, the real problem occurs when the measurements are not done correctly and the fence is wrong, resulting in an aesthetically disagreeable effect and the impossibility to modify it. This is also the case with repairs, which often involve replacing the affected part. Also, from a stylistic point of view, the concrete fence is not very versatile.

Barrier mesh fence

Folded mesh panels are accessible, easy to install and require little maintenance. Also, they are versatile in style, though not very refined, and can be easily replaced.

Another advantage is that it offers the chance to see and out of the property, yet providing safety for children and animals. This can also be interpreted as a disadvantage because it does not offer intimacy. Read here.

Metal fence

The metal fences are made of metallic panels attached, enclosing the property between tall walls that block the view from the outside, or from different models of metal poles that allow visual access beyond them.

Unlike wood, which gradually degrades by exposure to moisture, the metal fences have proven the strength and are easier to install. For cleaning, you only need a water hose and have a better price than the wrought iron, similar to the look.

They are versatile and blend nicely with natural materials and their life spans up to 50 years.