How Will You Know Whether Your Home Needs a Pest Control?

Most of us love staying in places that have warm, humid weather. While such pleasant weather allows us to enjoy both indoors and outdoors, high humidity and warm weather make our home habitable for rodents, insects, and bugs. These creatures create a mess and damage our property. If you don’t take the necessary steps to eradicate the pests, they will keep multiplying and soon lead to structural damage in your house. 

Seeking assistance from a reputable service provider like Rove Pest Control is the best way of dealing with pests. However, to ensure that you are seeking professional help at the right time you’ll need to identify the signs of pest infestation in your home. The section below talks about the signs that indicate that your house has pests. 

Wood Damage

Check the wooden objects in your home and ensure that they have their integrity intact. You should specifically inspect the wood structures like fences, walls, base, porches, firewood piles, etc. These areas are the favorites of termites. They hide in these areas and feast on the vulnerable wooden structures. 

When inspecting the wood, check for pinholes and tunneling on the walls. Those are clear indicators that the wooden parts have been infested by termites. You should also look for discarded wings. 

Strange Sounds

If you often hear strange sounds originating from the crawl spaces or attic of your house, there’s a high probability that your home has pests. Examples of such sounds include sounds of scraping, scratching, or tapping of feet. You’ll hear these sounds primarily during the night. 

These sounds can indicate the presence of a range of pests including rats and termites. Irrespective of whether you can identify the actual creature or not, you should seek assistance from pest control specialists operating in your area. They will inspect the parts of the house where the noises are coming from and determine the actual cause. 

Damaged Furnishings 

Rodents, which include creatures like mice and rats, can cause serious destruction in your house. The gnawing habit of these tiny animals results in damage to the insulation, drywall, furniture, baseboards, etc. Rodents tear these materials mostly to build their nests. 

You should begin by examining the kitchen, garage, and attic as these are the favorite spots of rodents. Call pest control professionals if you notice rat droppings or find chewed objects in these parts. 

Dead Bugs 

There are few more unpleasant scenes than that of a dead insect lying on the kitchen or bathroom floor. There also cannot be any bigger proof that your home has bugs than dead bugs lying in different parts of your home. 

It’s not just the dead bugs; you should also be wary of body parts like legs, wings, husks, etc. If you find any such thing when inspecting your house, call a pest control professional right away. 

Final Words 

Before the pest control specialists start working, ask them about the kind of substances they use to remove pests. Take necessary precautions to ensure that those substances don’t cause any harm to your family members and pets.