Are Box Elder Bugs harmful?

Boxelder bugs are generally considered to be a nuisance bug rather than a harmful bug. But, that doesn’t mean you want them in your home or garden.

These bugs look like small beetle with red and black backs. They are commonly found near female box elder trees, although they have been known to feed on male box elder trees, maple, ash, and even some fruit trees. One of the clues that they are doing this is the deformity of the fruit, they can even discolor the leaves.

If you have a lot of them in your garden you’ll want to contact the exterminators and have the issue dealt with properly.

What Harm Do They Do?

The good news is that box elder bugs are not known to bite, they are also disease-free and will not sting you. In fact, they are not likely to damage you or your plants.

However, …

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Understand How to Care For Holiday Plants

You have probably noticed that one of the most popular ways to show affection to someone else during the holiday season is by buying amazing holiday plants. However, most people do not know how to care for them, which leads to dryness that will happen with it.

It does not matter if someone gets you Easter lily or poinsettia because holiday plants are not usually ones that you cared for beforehand.

In most cases, you will understand the process of caring for holiday plants, but the idea is to let them live all year long and produce again during the next season so that you can enjoy their beauty along the way.

We decided to present you with a few tricks and tips that will help you start caring for the new plant you got during the holiday season.

Plants Are Perfect Gifts

You should have in mind that …

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Yes – Odor Neutralization is a Real Thing

Do you have stinky odors in your home? If so, are you confused by all the air freshening and deodorizing products screaming at you from store shelves? It is a common problem we all face at some point. Dealing with stinky orders is bad enough but trying to separate truth from fiction in the household products section of the grocery store only makes it worse.

The point of this post is to lay to rest one of the most debated questions in the air freshening arena: is odor neutralization of real thing? People want to know whether odor neutralization is possible or not. If it is, there is no point in merely masking offensive odors with strong perfumes. If it is not, then our only hope is to find an air freshener that we can live with.

Well, here is the answer: yes, odor neutralization is a real thing. It …

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