How Has Covid-19 Affected Conveyancing?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in the way we live and work across the world, affecting every area of our lives. The situation is thankfully temporary, and at some point life will return to normal. In the meantime, we continue to find ways to adapt so that life can continue.

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Remote Working

The legal profession had been moving towards a more efficient paperless office system over the last few years. Covid-19 accelerated this move, as overnight working from home became the accepted norm across the country. Paperless remote systems are a must for working remotely for anything other than a very short period. The good news for clients is that remote working can help to speed up transactions. Providing documents by electronic means is quicker, as the parties do not have to wait for the postal system to deliver packages, and modern technology makes it straightforward to organise and search files.

Most conveyancing solicitors will have limited face-to-face contact between their staff and clients in order to minimise the risk of exposure and spreading the infection. However, this does not prevent them providing advice and updates by email, telephone and even video call. These methods are often more convenient for clients and fit in better with a busy lifestyle. In previous times it could be very difficult to take time off work to attend a meeting with your lawyers.

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These days it is not necessary to meet with your solicitor, as modern technology means that conveyancing solicitors can act for clients all over the country without needing to see them. For example, Sam Conveyancing are conveyancing solicitors who can provide an efficient and speedy service wherever you are, without the need for face-to-face physical contact.

Impact on Transactions

At the height of the outbreak many property transactions were put on hold due to the need to maintain the lockdown. This meant that if a completion date had not already been set, the matter was generally put to one side until it was possible to arrange removals and the home move. However, transactions are now moving forwards again, and the property market in many areas is busy. The stamp duty holiday in England has given many people the impetus to look for a new home, meaning that now is a good time for many to buy and sell.